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Welcome to US Airways Virtual Airlines! Our goal is to simulate US Airways flight operations as realistically as possible and are proud to offer a fun and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy the excitement of flight. If you haven't already joined the USAVA family, we welcome you to apply by clicking the image above.

We are very excited about our future and continue to work hard to develop new programs to give our pilots the best experience possible. We are pleased to offer our state of the art flight reporting system, US ACARS, to our pilots and are also compatible with FS Flight Keeper and FS Passengers for those who wish to add another level of realism. Our heritage program gives pilots the opportunity to fly more planes to more places around the world. Our codeshare program opens up the network of the Star Alliance to our members, opening up a new world of flights to every continent. Our staff continues to work to develop the best fleet, best events, and best training available in the VA community. We are confident that your experience with USAVA will be exciting and enjoyable.

Everyday, we make improvements to our services and offer new programs and experiences to our members. USAVA is today's premier virtual airline, and with our continued evolution, we will be an industry leader for years to come.

FEATURING Honolulu (PHNL), Anchorage (PANC), and Los Angeles
Anchorage ARTCC in conjunction with both the Honolulu and Los Angeles ARTCC present a trek across one of the earth's largest oceanic divisions, West Coast Bonanza. On Saturday the 19th of April, from 2359z until the 20th of April 0630z, ZAN, ZLA and ZHN will be lit up Pilots can depart Honolulu PHNL and depart to either Anchorage PANC or Los Angeles KLAX, or depart either PANC and KLAX and arrive into PHNL. Expect an awesome non-radar oceanic service provided by the Pacific Oceanic Partnership team, and a great way to spend the Easter Weekend!
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Latest News Articles
03.02.14 Press release: VATSIM Authorized Training Organization
02.03.14 New Aerosoft Offerings for Virtual Airlines
07.01.13 Press Release :: New Vice Presidents of New York and Las Vegas Operations
02.23.13 USAVA announces official merger plans

Summer Screenshot Contest Winners

Taken By Pascal Doppmann
Welcome Our Latest Members
USA6021 Charles Jennings 04.24.14
USA6020 Jose Bazil 04.23.14
USA6019 Donte Williams 04.24.14
USA6018 Gavin Chavez 04.23.14
USA6017 Munir Braganca 04.23.14
USA6016 Ashiarah Gow 04.23.14
USA6013 James Horgan 04.23.14
USA6011 Daniel Plante 04.23.14
USA6008 Andras Juhasz 04.23.14
USA6006 Adam Gilbert 04.23.14
USA6005 Will Anderson 04.24.14
USA6003 Matt Zorro 04.23.14
USA6001 Adam Marion 04.23.14
USA6000 Ismael Abrantes 04.19.14
USA5996 Aaron Green 04.18.14

Latest Fifteen Reports
7107 KSEA PAFA 04.24.14
2477 KDFW KLAX 04.24.14
2003 KCLT KPHL 04.24.14
2003 KBWI KCLT 04.24.14
997 KDFW SAEZ 04.24.14
284 PHNL KLAX 04.24.14
173 EGLL KRDU 04.24.14
7980 EGLL OTBD 04.24.14
1694 KMIA KPHL 04.24.14
752 KBWI KCLT 04.24.14
7172 NTAA KLAX 04.24.14
4298 KSBY KPHL 04.24.14
1817 KPHL KBWI 04.24.14
4171 KEWR KPHL 04.23.14
283 KLAX PHNL 04.23.14

US ACARS Greased Landings
USA3571 Serge Latreille -4.61 fpm 04.05.14
USA4899 Pierre Castonguay -6.92 fpm 04.20.14
USA1291 James Blackham -9.23 fpm 04.23.14
USA1257 Brian Wilks -10.77 fpm 04.24.14
USA3416 Larrie Deering -11.53 fpm 04.04.14
USA3926 Keith Wheeler -11.53 fpm 04.23.14
USA1257 Brian Wilks -13.84 fpm 04.01.14
USA3514 Justin van Tuil -19.22 fpm 03.26.14
USA4522 Rick Rump -19.22 fpm 04.10.14
USA3829 George Ross -19.22 fpm 04.19.14
FS Passenger Greased Landings
USA5698 Adam Kee -40 fpm 03.31.14
USA1071 Jonathan Buckley -42.31 fpm 04.17.14
USA1106 Ricky Cruz -65.38 fpm 04.06.14
USA1071 Jonathan Buckley -68.46 fpm 04.12.14
USA1071 Jonathan Buckley -68.46 fpm 04.18.14
USA5472 Zach Rutledge -72.31 fpm 04.05.14
USA1071 Jonathan Buckley -73.85 fpm 04.10.14
USA5391 Kevin McGee -78.46 fpm 04.15.14
USA5391 Kevin McGee -80.77 fpm 04.10.14
USA3987 Jeremy Weaver -81.54 fpm 04.02.14

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