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Welcome to US Airways Virtual Airlines! Our goal is to simulate US Airways flight operations as realistically as possible and are proud to offer a fun and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy the excitement of flight. If you haven't already joined the USAVA family, we welcome you to apply by clicking the image above.

We are very excited about our future and continue to work hard to develop new programs to give our pilots the best experience possible. We are pleased to offer our state of the art flight reporting system, US ACARS, to our pilots and are also compatible with FS Flight Keeper and FS Passengers for those who wish to add another level of realism. Our heritage program gives pilots the opportunity to fly more planes to more places around the world. Our codeshare program opens up the network of the Star Alliance to our members, opening up a new world of flights to every continent. Our staff continues to work to develop the best fleet, best events, and best training available in the VA community. We are confident that your experience with USAVA will be exciting and enjoyable.

Everyday, we make improvements to our services and offer new programs and experiences to our members. USAVA is today's premier virtual airline, and with our continued evolution, we will be an industry leader for years to come.

FEATURING Dublin (EIDW) and Barcelona (LEBL)
We look forward to welcoming you into both Dublin and Barcelona with top-notch ATC! VATEIR and VATSPA would like to invite you to a citylink event between Dublin and Barcelona on Sunday 27th July. Fly between the two amazing cities and receive full ATC from the Irish and The Spanish Sector from 1600Z to 1900Z. Check the website for more details.
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Latest News Articles
03.02.14 Press release: VATSIM Authorized Training Organization
02.03.14 New Aerosoft Offerings for Virtual Airlines
07.01.13 Press Release :: New Vice Presidents of New York and Las Vegas Operations
02.23.13 USAVA announces official merger plans

Summer Screenshot Contest Winners

Taken By Robert Neumaier
Welcome Our Latest Members
USA3737 Will Dolezal 07.23.14
USA3734 Mark Benn 07.23.14
USA3723 Isaac Anderson 07.23.14
USA3763 Patrick Donahue 07.23.14
USA3599 Chris Robison 07.22.14
USA3641 Brooks Wainwright 07.22.14
USA3506 Tahj Gordon 07.22.14
USA3479 Jeremiah Campbell 07.21.14
USA3361 Juho Tuomaala 07.21.14
USA3311 Ben Jiang 07.21.14
USA3301 Yoni Butbul 07.21.14
USA5145 Jon Noland 07.18.14
USA5144 Mike Michelsen 07.18.14
USA5140 Teriq Mitchell 07.18.14
USA5131 Arthur Balick 07.17.14

Latest Fifteen Reports
148 KCLT KMIA 07.24.14
5228 MYGF KMIA 07.24.14
101 EGLL KJFK 07.24.14
5227 KMIA MYGF 07.24.14
750 KPHL EBBR 07.24.14
80 KDFW EGLL 07.24.14
2133 KBOS KLGA 07.24.14
1684 MKJS KMIA 07.24.14
1675 MKJS KDFW 07.24.14
758 KPHL LGAV 07.24.14
777 KPHL KPHX 07.24.14
2069 KJFK KCLT 07.24.14
38 KDFW KSGF 07.24.14
287 KMIA KLAX 07.24.14
725 EIDW KCLT 07.24.14

US ACARS Greased Landings
USA5795 Mark Hoffman -2.31 fpm 07.04.14
USA4961 Cory Oliver -2.31 fpm 07.13.14
USA5809 Michael Gregory -6.92 fpm 07.16.14
USA3039 Spencer Robertson -9.23 fpm 07.15.14
USA5542 Andrew Haenisch -10 fpm 07.24.14
USA3986 Mike Sokolas -10.77 fpm 07.09.14
USA1281 Paul Rose -15.38 fpm 07.03.14
USA4899 Pierre Castonguay -16.15 fpm 07.23.14
USA4850 Justin Lorenzo -16.92 fpm 07.17.14
USA5324 Anthony Scott -18.45 fpm 07.14.14
FS Passenger Greased Landings
USA4886 Brian Allen -45.38 fpm 07.01.14
USA1092 Steven Torrens -52.31 fpm 06.26.14
USA8060 Bryan McConnell -59.23 fpm 06.26.14
USA5761 Derek Manzanares -59.23 fpm 07.06.14
USA1010 Brian Wood -70 fpm 06.29.14
USA1092 Steven Torrens -75.38 fpm 06.25.14
USA1260 Tim Mills -76.92 fpm 06.25.14
USA8060 Bryan McConnell -80.77 fpm 07.07.14
USA5939 Dante Johnson -86.92 fpm 07.10.14
USA4157 Chris Dillon -109.23 fpm 07.14.14

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