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Welcome to US Airways Virtual Airlines! Our goal is to simulate US Airways flight operations as realistically as possible and are proud to offer a fun and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy the excitement of flight. If you haven't already joined the USAVA family, we welcome you to apply by clicking the image above.

We are very excited about our future and continue to work hard to develop new programs to give our pilots the best experience possible. We are pleased to offer our state of the art flight reporting system, US ACARS, to our pilots and are also compatible with FS Flight Keeper and FS Passengers for those who wish to add another level of realism. Our heritage program gives pilots the opportunity to fly more planes to more places around the world. Our codeshare program opens up the network of the Star Alliance to our members, opening up a new world of flights to every continent. Our staff continues to work to develop the best fleet, best events, and best training available in the VA community. We are confident that your experience with USAVA will be exciting and enjoyable.

Everyday, we make improvements to our services and offer new programs and experiences to our members. USAVA is today's premier virtual airline, and with our continued evolution, we will be an industry leader for years to come.

Come join the Atlanta ARTCC as we bring the Charlotte Douglas airport to life in our Charlotte Real Ops FNO. The Charlotte airspace is designed to accept an arrival rate of 97 aircraft an hour, and we need YOU to help us achieve that rate! The controllers at ZTL are up for the controlled mayhem. Are you? Pilots are encouraged to sign-up on our website.
To increase the realism, every registered flight will receive an EDCT (Estimated Departure Clearance Time). Each pilot should not depart prior to the EDCT time. Please fill out the route information on the registration page as follows: ACID, A/C Type, Departure Arpt, and route (ie. AAL1054/A320/KDFW TRISS4 TXK J42 MEM VXV JOHNS3). Please note, that in order to register for the event, you must create a pilot account on our website. See you in Charlotte!
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Latest News Articles
08.12.14 Internal Vacancy: Vice President of Personnel
03.02.14 Press release: VATSIM Authorized Training Organization
02.03.14 New Aerosoft Offerings for Virtual Airlines
07.01.13 Press Release :: New Vice Presidents of New York and Las Vegas Operations
02.23.13 USAVA announces official merger plans

Summer Screenshot Contest Winners

Taken By Robert Neumaier
Welcome Our Latest Members
USA4953 Michael Filyaw 08.27.14
USA4945 Kenneth Dickerson 08.27.14
USA4942 Josh Woodruff 08.27.14
USA4915 Calum McIntosh 08.26.14
USA4632 Kyle Kato 08.26.14
USA4933 Fernando Izquierdo 08.25.14
USA4925 Vasilis Koutsogiannos 08.25.14
USA4914 David Bos 08.25.14
USA4913 Pat Phillips 08.25.14
USA4910 Ryan Spellman 08.20.14
USA4896 Robert Niemiec 08.20.14
USA4871 Eric Kantorek 08.19.14
USA4810 Aldwin Pagulayan 08.18.14
USA4869 Matt Hirano 08.18.14
USA4796 Joseph Critcher 08.18.14

Latest Fifteen Reports
433 KDEN KPHX 08.28.14
926 KLIT KDFW 08.28.14
8895 VHHH VTBS 08.28.14
4692 KCLT KCRW 08.28.14
352 EGLL LFMN 08.28.14
674 KDEN KPHX 08.28.14
746 KMCO KCLT 08.28.14
2319 KDFW KORD 08.28.14
1194 MKJS KMIA 08.28.14
642 KPHX KDEN 08.28.14
961 KGPT KSFB 08.28.14
3215 CYYZ KCLT 08.28.14
235 KJFK KSEA 08.27.14
844 MKJS KCLT 08.27.14
2694 KLAX KPHX 08.27.14

US ACARS Greased Landings
USA3302 Robert Neumaier -0.77 fpm 08.22.14
USA4040 Ade Riley -2.31 fpm 08.21.14
USA3302 Robert Neumaier -3.08 fpm 08.08.14
USA5542 Andrew Haenisch -3.84 fpm 08.10.14
USA5324 Anthony Scott -6.15 fpm 08.02.14
USA1291 James Blackham -8.46 fpm 08.22.14
USA1048 Chris Minor -9.23 fpm 08.21.14
USA5809 Michael Gregory -10.77 fpm 08.07.14
USA3860 Jeremy Wright -12.3 fpm 08.03.14
USA1291 James Blackham -13.84 fpm 08.16.14
FS Passenger Greased Landings
USA5324 Anthony Scott -26.15 fpm 08.01.14
USA3937 Cliff Meade -46.15 fpm 08.24.14
USA3879 Ken Berry -50.77 fpm 08.06.14
USA5324 Anthony Scott -56.15 fpm 08.01.14
USA3937 Cliff Meade -64.62 fpm 08.25.14
USA4372 Andrew Montalbani -65.38 fpm 08.24.14
USA3416 Larrie Deering -68.46 fpm 08.20.14
USA1264 Adam Temple -76.15 fpm 08.28.14
USA3829 George Ross -80 fpm 08.10.14
USA5472 Zach Rutledge -87.69 fpm 08.25.14

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