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Miami International Airport (MIA), located on 3,230 acres of land near downtown Miami, is operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and is the property of Miami-Dade County government. Founded in 1928, MIA now offers more flights to Latin America and the Caribbean than any other U.S. airport, is America’s second-busiest airport for international passengers, boasts a lineup over 100 air carriers and is the top U.S. airport for international freight.An exciting growing hub to consider home I wish you a very warm welcome on-board to new and experienced pilots alike. You will find below a table of various useful website that should make your time here as simple and enjoyable as possible. Of course, if you do have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address below. Welcome to the Sunshine State!

James Peter Thomas Evans,
Vice President of Operations, Miami
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MIA Roster
USA1057 Arthur Gurdo Jr 208.48 24523.28 KSYR - KCLT
USA1063 Robert Kresach 552.6 68003.6 KMIA - KCLT
USA1191 Eric Kenning 502.6 46900.5 KPHX - KSAN
USA1324 Jay Butchko 1313.4 181259.8 KJFK - KMIA
USA1436 David Izzi 2037 238195.1 SBGL - SAEZ
USA3246 Jake Dunn 342.2 43301.5 KPHX - KSAN
USA3254 Jeremy Miller 238.7 29106.3 KPHL - KMSP
USA3490 Jason Treleaven 425.5 54681.4 KMCO - KMIA
USA3540 Allen Stalker 178.9 16025.7 KMCO - KMIA
USA3544 Luis Perez 489.2 68584.2 KCLT - KGSP
USA3936 Justin Willis 2.2 173.8 KMIA - KATL
USA3937 Cliff Meade 559.7 9245.9 KMCO - KMIA
USA3969 Brett Kokoski 185.1 9105.2 KMSY - KDFW
USA3987 Jeremy Weaver 1403.2 214806.8 TISX - KMIA
USA4438 David Owens 764.3 103480.8 KCLE - KPIT
USA4945 Kenneth Dickerson 116.3 4120.8 KDCA - KLGA
USA4946 Bill Robinson 272 21588.5 KJFK - KDCA
USA5092 Brian Gabel 45.5 2833.8 KBOS - KPIT
USA5542 Andrew Haenisch 1414.1 148543.1 KLGA - KBOS
USA5692 Keith Lester 301.7 39132.1 TBPB - KMIA
USA5799 John Mullen 56.7 5130.8 KMIA - KCLE
USA6071 David Ruff 43.1 3732.1 KCHS - KCLT
USA6191 Steve Martin 1312.5 64711.5 KDFW - KORD
USA6220 David Wright 32.3 1865 KPBI - KLGA
USA6576 David Keys 746.1 68805.8 EGLL - KLAX
USA6808 Taran Salyers 101.7 231.2 KMIA - KATL
USA6892 Evan Whiteway 108.1 1101.6 KACT - KDFW
USA6920 Roger Fellipe Candez 63 1010 KIND - KORD
USA7242 James Evans 931.7 49102.8 KCLT - KMYR
USA7960 John Lacerda 100 0 ------------
USA7994 Clive Morris 254.2 18127.4 KDFW - SPIM
USA8022 Andres Nunez 0 0 ------------
USA8928 Mike Molloy 483 49869.3 MYGF - KMIA

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