First / Last NameDepartureArrivalAircraftAltitudeStatus
Alberto Muñiz KPBIKDCAFeelthere A319 CFM American Airlines26100 % (Track)
Lestin Myrie VVTSRJAAPlane0 FREEWARE_COPYRIGHT_TenkuuDevelopersStudio_01JUN2013 OPTANT1111000000_OPTDEC11110 Boeing 787-9 JAL GE3912189 % (Track)
Jim Wyman EGLLKMIAPMDG747-400 British Airways3644485 % (Track)
Jose Ortegon YPPHWSSSPMDG - 747-400 PW4000 Engines3800037 % (Track)
Eugene Silcott KLAXRJTTPMDG 777-223LR American Airlines (OC - Fictional)157960 % (Track)
Justin Bailey KPHLEDDM330_JARDesign American Airlines (N291AY)3920979 % (Track)
George Vergara EGLLEFHKAirbus A350-900 ags v4 Finnair3536068 % (Track)
Steve Martin MMMXKDFWPMDG 737-800 - Winglets Virtual Cockpit/Cabin3484571 % (Track)
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represents a USACARS flight
represents a FS Flight Keeper flight

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