Tracking Flight - USA1157 Lestin Myrie
Departure AirportKEWR Arrival AirportEGLL
Aircraft Plane0 FREEWARE_COPYRIGHT_TenkuuDevelopersStudio_01JUN2013 OPTANT1111000000_OPTDEC11110 Boeing 787-9 British Airways GE
Route KEWR HFD J42 BOS J575 TUSKY N124B YQX 5E53 5150N 5200N04500W 5300N04000W 5400N03500W 5400N03000W 5400N02500W 5400N02000W DOGAL UM140 BURAK UL9 ABAGU L9 SLANY UN24 PEMOB UN14 TOPRO EGLL
Altitude101 ft Vertical Speed0 ft/min
Indicated Airspeed0 kts Ground Speed0 kts

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